This is the building.

This is the building and another building.

This is the view from inside the entrance room. Note the cool floors.

On the left is the first bedroom, which opens to the second hallway. In the middle is the living room, which also opens to the second hallway. On the far right is the kitchen.

This is the living room. Note the massivosity.

More living room.

This is one of the three bedrooms.

This is the view from the previous bedroom into the entrance room. The entrance room is filled with closets.

Here's another bedroom. They're all equally huge.

This is the view from the previous bedroom into the second hallway. Also the awesome broker, Negel. Lauren's hand is coming out of the primary bathroom.

Here is the primary bathroom. I stood in the middle of the room to take this like an idiot, neglecting the sink.

Here's the secondary bathroom. It's like the primary one, but it has a stand-up shower.

This is the kitchen. The photo's taken from INSIDE the kitchen, meaning all that wood is part of the kitchen. Everything in it is brand new.

The layout as best i can remember.

Here's a picture of the street it's on. The crane got in the way.