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RevolvingDork Build it and they will RUN
Sat, Nov 15, 2003 4:14pm EST
By RevolvingDork

So I built myself a new computer.

Most computer enthusiasts would be content with the process of piecing hand-picked components together and mounting them in a commercial computer case.
I decided that I wanted something a bit more unique. Something more a bit more profound. Something built out of K'nex.

Thus, the K'mputer was born.

I still don't have enough pieces to fully realize my original case concept, but this build is working quite well for the time being. I'll resist falling into total geek-dom and bragging about its specs, so suffice to say it screams along at the highest of speeds.

Okay, one more sexy shot..

The construction and installation of this magnificent piece of hardware partially explains the gap between this post and the last. The rest of the explanation lies within the fact that I'm kuffin' busy. Give me a break.

I can't let you go empty-handed, though, so there are a few new drawings waiting for you. The last two were my second 3D modeling project.

Stay tuned for photos of the latest addition to my family, the Gibson Flying V.
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