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RevolvingDork Birds kill ninjas
Tue, Mar 16, 2004 3:00am EST
By RevolvingDork
It's been a while, but the time hasn't been spent in vain.

Or, at least, I hope it hasn't been.

Right now I'm working on a photo gallery and a downloadable goodies section for the site -- both of which I'd like to have running sooner rather than later. I'm also working on a site-wide comment system so you can all shower eloquent praise on my magnificent work. That'll take a bit longer, however, since I'm writing it from scratch.

Here's a desktop background that'll be among the first items on the future downloads page.

In the real world, I've been making steady progress on Rocktown and reading feverishly in preparation for my colloquium. You see, to graduate from Gallatin, you have to complete a two hour conversation with three faculty members on 25 "great books" that somehow relate to your area of study. It's going to be a bit of a stretch for me, since videogames didn't appear until the end of the 1970s and the bulk of my booklist was written before 1700.

Naturally, I've been having recurring nightmares about the upcoming ordeal.

Hypercombofinish Comic #1 by Chris Maguire

Oh, and totally check out the song of the day -- Marathon r0x0rZzZz!
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