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RevolvingDork Leaving Mute City
Sat, May 01, 2004 5:14pm EDT
By RevolvingDork
So, I vanquished the dreaded colloquium (it was actually kind of fun), and I'm done with class. If you want, you can now read my rationale.

I'm graduating from NYU in ten days.

I've still got two rather massive projects to complete by Tuesday, but otherwise it'll be clear sailing into summer.

I recently found out that my song was picked to be played at the Gallatin graduation ceremony, which is equally surprising and exciting. This means I'll be playing live at the Lincoln center to an audience of over 1200 people -- by far the largest audience I've ever had. I'll put an MP3 of it online after the performance.

It's totally going on the resume.

Other exciting news: I and Ms. Lauren McLaughlin are in the final stages of securing our apartment in Brooklyn. It's huge, cheap, and you can see pictures of it here. Expect an awesome housewarming party sometime after school ends.

With the new space comes plans for the new LAN. Initially, we'll have at least four computers connected and ready to game.

On my current dorm room LAN, we're still playing a lot of Halo. I'm looking for other good multiplayer suggestions for the new wave...

I've also decided to make the web comic a regular thing.

Hypercombofinish Comic #2 by Chris Maguire

Time to get back to work -- more updates when I reach the other side!
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