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RevolvingDork A Dolt
Fri, Jul 16, 2004 5:14pm EDT
By RevolvingDork
After a long adjustment (read: mild freakout) period, I believe I've finally got my post-collegiate life in order. I've acclimated quite well to life in Brooklyn, and more importantly, nearly all of my consoles are hooked to the TV. The K'mputer is still kicking butt, as you can see.

Hypercombofinish Comic #3 by Chris Maguire

I've been playing a lot of Quake 3 again, pitting myself against the best players
in hopes of one day becoming one of them. If you're ever floating around the
a51 servers, feel free to say hi -- my username is "Wiper". (For the curious,
this name originates from a deathmatch on N64 version of Quake 2, before which
I accidentally altered the factory-set name "Viper".)

In other news, Doom 3 is coming
out in two weeks. Holy crap. If this game lives up to both its history and the
massive cloud of hype surrounding it, August is going to be a pretty awesome
month. Other awesome things happening in August: The release of the new Presidents
and the first Presidents show in New York in years. Check out the song
of the day below to hear the title track from the new album.

For the first time ever, I've updated the animation site with a 3D piece I did in the fall. Another one is coming up this week, so stay tuned.
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