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Marie the Bee 'Exit 2' Haiku Review
Mon, Mar 02, 2009 5:06pm EST
By Marie the Bee

Slow game. Obnoxious.
Companions cry out "Save us!"
Look down, whisper "No."

[Exit 2 on XBLA]
Guess I'll be looking down and saying "no" to this on XBLA.
Marie the Bee
@zakj Way to restate exactly what I just said but in a less fun, non-haiku format.

Awww, I'm just busting your ginger balls. Here's a hug!
That's the last on-demand comment you'll ever get from this ginger, missy.
Marie the Bee
@zakj Baby, come back! Didn't you like the hug? It's because I give bad hugs, isn't it?!?!!?!?!?
The carrot and stick:
Not just commentary on
my hair. Good training!
Great use of movie's quote
Rorshach would never wear red
He's fashion forward
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