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-Cramped wrists and bloodshot eyes-

Playground Demon
creator: Chris Maguire
created: April 2004
filesize: 1965 Kb
My first attempt at 3D character animation. I guess they just don't build playgrounds like they used to.
The Cheese Stands Alone -- or DOES IT?
creator: Chris Maguire
created: December 2003
filesize: 802 Kb
A dumb pun about mice and cheese overblown into miraculous 3D -- FINALLY, a film for our parent's generation! This was my first Maya animation. It's a fairly accurate simulation of a cameraman using performance enhancing crack.
Meanwhile, Back in the City
creator: Chris Maguire
created: April 2001
filesize: 1.1 Mb
A music video for the Presidents of the United States of America song of the same title. My first big Flash project.
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