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RevolvingDork Hypercombofinish Podcast #9: Far Cry 4 vs. Far Cry 3, rougelikes
Wed, Feb 04, 2015 4:58pm EST
By RevolvingDork
While traveling through otherworldly fantasy mountains, it is important to remain mindful that rhinoceroses have exceptionally short fuses. Whether you're driving a jeep through their mating grounds or simply firing machine guns erratically into the air, they can and will do their best to spoil your good time.

In this installment, Marie gets chased by rhinos and has a swearing problem, while Chris drops shade on the time-honored craft of storytelling and accidentally concocts a much better narrative direction for Far Cry 3.

Links from the discussion:

Game(s) Discussed
All I ask for is the ability to PAUSE the cutscenes.
Home video games should let you pause at ANY MOMENT ( unless you're playing online ). It shouldn't even be a question.
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