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RevolvingDork Kellbot and RevolvingDork's Pixelated Wedding: Centerpieces
Sun, Jun 19, 2011 10:09pm EDT
By RevolvingDork

The reception centerpieces, unsurprisingly, ended up requiring more time and effort than anything else. Constructed from 100% basic Lego bricks, each sphere measured 25cm in diameter and was composed of approximately 1,600 pieces. There were a grand total of 14 spheres.

Kellbot has some in-depth posts about the preparation and construction of these behemoths, but in summary: She wrote a Python script that broke 3D computer models into Lego-sized pieces, then cut a series of horizontal slices and made vector files out of them. We utilized a laser cutter to make foamcore jigs for all 27 layers, using them as guides for building the final sculptures.

An intrepid group of family and friends were enlisted to help with the build. On average, building a single sphere took roughly 6-8 man-hours. The centerpieces required a great deal of logistical planning and old-fashioned hard work, but I like to think that the results speak for themselves.

Our caterering company, Feastivites, did a fantastic job setting the tables and decorating the reception venue with leftover Legos. They even helped us rent squared-off silverware and flatware to match the blocky theme. At every step of the way they shaped our rough pile of ideas into a cohesive whole, and I can't recommend them highly enough.

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would you share with me how to make those centrpices please. I love theme.
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