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RevolvingDork Kellbot and RevolvingDork's Pixelated Wedding: Cake
Sun, Jun 19, 2011 10:09pm EDT
By RevolvingDork

We arrived at Whipped Bakeshop in South Philly with no solid ideas about what we wanted our cake to look like. Fortunately, the helpful staff at the bakery got our imaginations rolling after showing us square cake pans and suggesting that pixels could be replicated with frosting. Kellbot produced a sketch of our ideal cake: a boxy three-tier affair embellished with blue and green squares.

The resulting cake was pixel-perfect. Each tier featured a different flavor: chocolate truffle, lemon cream, and carrot cake. It fit the theme to a tee and didn’t make any compromises on deliciousness.

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Hi there!

I got here via Kellbot's blog post -- great recap of an incredible wedding! I think you inspire all those out there bored silly by conventional weddings -- <i>it really *is* possible to make a wedding fun and really make it your own.</i>

Aw, thanks! Coming up with ideas is one of the most difficult parts of the process, so I figured future couples might enjoy some inspiration :D
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